Why aThongbra®?


    The Thongbra® was designed to do what no other post surgery garment does; provide constant support to the cleavage area. Following surgery many doctors recommend some type of support to hold the surgical site securely while scar tissue forms and many recommend using the Thongbra®. The Thongbra® name has been trademarked and a patent issued in 2009 for its unique design.

     The latest design provides the consistent pressure needed yet provides it with a high level of comfort. The Thongbra® is not really a bra at all but a post surgical compression garment which acts with a bow effect creating pressure from front to back and is worn between the breasts to keep constant pressure on the cleavage area during the healing process. Every Thongbra® is truly handmade of the finest quality materials to provide both comfort and support while keeping the breasts separated. The Thongbra® comes in three colors, white, black and beige and is fully adjustable to fit all sizes. Plastic surgeons have found the Thongbra® to be a useful tool for post symmastia surgery as well as for mastectomy patients undergoing breast reconstruction and it is used prophylactically for women with a shallow or "tented" cleavage.

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