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     The Thongbra® is the original post surgery bra designed to be used during recovery following surgery for symmastia. The Thongbra® was designed and developed by a woman who had symmastia in 1999. Following her surgery to correct symmastia with Dr. Thomas DeWire (retired) she realized she needed support in the cleavage area during daily activity and light lifting as she felt a constant pulling in her cleavage area. She tried several different types of bras stuffed with gauze and even a sports bra worn backwards to help keep her cleavage in place and eliminate the chance of tearing tissues at the surgical point. The gauze moved about during the day and needed constant adjustment. The backwards sports bra was too short, pushed up on the breasts and didn’t really give enough support to her cleavage. She had a slightly indented chest wall and there was just not enough consistent pressure on the surgical point.

    After many design changes she created the Thongbra® which has a padded insert in the cleavage area and Velcro closures at the shoulders and sides which makes it a “one size fits all” garment. Over the years women on breast augmentation sites found out about the Thongbra® and started e-mailing her to make them. Until 2008 it has never been advertised, all sales have come from word of mouth and they have been sold all over the world to doctors and patients.

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